Is Your Computer Screen Stressing Out Your Eyes?

Every day, more and more people spend extended periods of time staring at computer and digital screens. The average American worker logs seven hours per day because so many jobs are now related to and dependent on digital devices. And those seven hours don’t even include time looking

Understanding Degrees of Vision Loss

Our team of skilled professionals has devoted themselves to your vision needs. For those of you who suffer from poor vision, several options may help, including specialized “smart glasses” — computerized eyeglasses that send information to the lenses, where the wearer can see it. Visi

Eye exam in Beekmantown

Beekmantown eye doctor Can you remember the last time you had a comprehensive eye exam? If not, than it is certainly time you had one. People should have eye exams on a regularly scheduled time frame, as determined by their eye doctor. If you are older than sixty, have certain medical

Dry Eyes in Plattsburg West

Dry eye management in Plattsburg West Are your eyes feeling constantly irritated? Do you feel like you often want to put wetting solution in your eyes when you wear contact lenses? If so, you may suffer from the condition known as dry eye. If you have dry eyes in Plattsburg West, and

Optometrist in Plattsburg

Dry Eye Management When your body fails to produce the proper amount of tears to keep your eyes sufficiently lubricated, this leads to dry eye syndrome. Although this is not a typically dangerous condition, it can be bothersome and may have a temporary affect on your vision. At North