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Contact lenses in Beekmantown

Contact lenses in Beekmantown

Wearers of contact lenses in Beekmantown know that the proper fit, as well as the correct type of lens for their particular vision is the determining factor of whether their lenses will be comfortable and enjoyable to wear. There is nothing worse than trying to wear the wrong type of lenses or ill-fitting contact lenses. That’s why at North Country Optical we begin every contact lens appointment with a comprehensive eye examination, which will not only determine your vision correction needs but also check for any developing eye disease. Through the exam, our optometrist, Dr. George Mitsoglou, will determine the degree of vision correction, which type of lens will benefit the patient most and measure the eyes for the proper fit.

According to our eye doctor, the choice of the proper contact lens in Beekmantown depends on the patient’s vision and the degree of comfort sought. Comfort sought not only means how comfortable the lenses are to wear but also how much time and effort the users is willing to devote to the care of their lenses, as well as their lifestyle, factors such as occupation and environmental factors may point to the wearer choosing one type of lens over another. Relative comfort and ease of use account for the majority of contact lenses wearers choosing soft lenses. These soft lenses are now available for patients with astigmatism, multi-focal prescriptions and for those wearers looking for overnight contact lens use. Our practice carries soft lenses for daily wear, worn up to 18 hours and then removed to be cleaned, extended wear, which can be worn overnight, disposable lenses which are discarded after one use. Have brown eyes but always wanted green? Color-changing lenses maybe right for you. These soft lenses can change the color of one’s eye and also come in a version that doesn’t contain any vision correction.

Some wearers of contact lenses in Beekmantown do much better with hard, or gas permeable, contact lenses. These hard lenses offer sharper vision and can be used by those patients with severe nearsightedness or astigmatism. Our contact lens experts will take the time to properly fit your new lenses based on your prescription, eye shape and specific needs. If you are a contact lens user or are simply thinking of becoming one, make an appointment with our eye care team and see which types of lenses are best for you.

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