Contact Lenses in Milton VT

Keratitis in Milton VT

Contact Lenses in Milton VT

Contact Lenses in Milton VT

Your eyes never felt so bad before. And you’re not quite sure how much longer you can endure the throbbing, the headaches, the tear trails. As you walk by, folks are asking if you’re feeling ok and offer you a handkerchief. But you’re not sad—just in a lot of pain. That’s what it feels like to be dealing with an eye infection. But hope is not lost. All you have to do is reach out to North Country Optical for contact lenses in Milton VT.

Depending on the quality of the lenses, your eyes might be subject to this kind of infection. That’s why it’s important that you shop at a reliable venue that provides safe contact lenses in Milton VT. Precaution is incredibly important, especially when you consider that eye infections are most commonly caused by faulty contact lenses—especially if they aren’t being properly cleaned. The cornea is where this type of issue (called Keratitis) usually develops. Some of the symptoms include: intense light sensitivity and that “something is stuck in my eye” feeling. So how exactly can a contact lens infect the eye? Ah, a fair question. The following are some factors and bad habits you’ll want to veer away from: sleeping with contact lenses, environmental factors, poor maintenance/hygiene, and wearing them for too long. Keeping all of these down to a minimum drastically lowers your chances of developing an eye infection. For more information don’t think twice about contacting North Country Optical.

Before purchasing your brand new contact lenses in Milton VT, take all of those previous factors into consideration. If you’re convinced you can responsibly wear contact lenses while sticking to a committed hygiene routine, then go ahead and pay North Country Optical a visit. And treat yourself to a brand new set of eyes.

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