Contact Lenses in Plattsburgh West

Plattsburgh West contact lens fittings

Contact lenses in Plattsburgh West

Contact lenses in Plattsburgh West

Whether you are a current user of prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses in Plattsburgh West, regularly scheduled eye examinations for both visual acuity and to ensure your eye health are vital to maintain your crystal clear vision. Alongside your exam, our highly trained and extensively experienced team of professionals will also conduct an in-depth consultation to ascertain any relevant physical conditions you may have which can impact your vision and healthy eyes. If you are not sure when you received your last exam or have noticed any changes in your vision, it is time to schedule an office visit at North Country Optical. Your eye examination will include the use of sophisticated, modern equipment to both evaluate the overall health of your physical eye and assess your sight at numerous distances and in varying conditions. We know the ability to precisely evaluate your eyes is vital to ensuring your prescription is accurate and provides you with razor sharp sight.

Once you have made the decision to use contact lenses in Plattsburgh West for your vision correction, the well qualified team at North Country Optical will administer a contact lens fitting and for those who have never worn contact lenses before, a detailed explanation regarding their insertion, removal and proper care. We welcome the opportunity to address any concerns you may have about using contact lenses and will certainly allow for as much time as you need to feel comfortable using your contact lenses. Our educated staff will also be able to explain the differences between the types of contact lenses we offer from disposable soft contacts to hard lenses and the wear time as well as care routine required with each.

At North Country Optical our entire staff of personable and knowledgeable professionals looks forward to meeting with you soon and providing you with the proper exam and fitting for your next pair of contact lenses in Plattsburgh West. Our primary focus is to safeguard and restore your healthy eyes with optimal vison. We provide a number of additional eye care services in our well-equipped office and can discuss how we can address any other eye health issues you may face.

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