Contact Lenses in Plattsburgh

Plattsburgh Treatment for Astigmatism

Contact Lenses in Plattsburgh

Contact Lenses in Plattsburgh

Being able to see clearly may seem like a convenience, and while it certainly is, it is also a matter of health. Having 20/20 vision is important. Not being able to see well, wearing out of date prescription lenses or not wearing prescription lenses when you should be can take a toll on your eyes. Here at North Country Optical we can provide you with prescription lenses, such as contact lenses in Plattsburgh, that can help improve your vision. We also offer contact lenses that provide treatment for astigmatism, so there is no need to worry if you have any other such vision impairments or issues.

Vision impairment is often caused by the shape of the cornea. The cornea is like the lens of the eyeball. It is the clear portion of the eye that lays directly over the pupil. The cornea filters the light that passes through your eyes and is received by the retina, the part of the eye responsible for transmitting images to the brain. A regular cornea has a perfect dome shape, but any changes in this shape will alter the way that light is filtered through the eye, resulting in blurriness and other vision problems. A person with astigmatism has an irregularly shaped cornea which causes blurriness and difficulty focusing at varying lengths. In order to treat this condition, our eye doctor here at North Country Optical will need to thoroughly examine your eye and look at the exact shape of your cornea. Contact lenses can be used to treat patients with astigmatism, but these contact lenses need to be specifically designed in order to fit over your irregularly shaped corneas and provide the clearest vision possible. Contact lenses in Plattsburgh an provide treatment for astigmatism if you schedule a complete contact lens exam and fitting. Dr. George Mitsoglou will examine your eyes closely, determine your precise contact lens prescription strength, and then provide you with special contact lenses meant for patients with astigmatism.

If you have astigmatism and are interested in treatment for astigmatism, simply call us here at North Country Optical to set up an appointment with Dr. Mitsoglou today.

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