Dry Eyes in Plattsburg West

Dry eye management in Plattsburg West

Dry eyes in Plattsburg West

Dry eyes in Plattsburg West

Are your eyes feeling constantly irritated? Do you feel like you often want to put wetting solution in your eyes when you wear contact lenses? If so, you may suffer from the condition known as dry eye. If you have dry eyes in Plattsburg West, and need dry eye management, you should come to us for treatment at North Country Optical.

At North Country Optical our optometrist is Dr. George Mitsoglou. Dr. Mitsoglou is dedicated to providing excellent care to his patients. He is able to provide many services to his patients including treatment for a variety of eye conditions. Patients with dry eyes in Plattsburg West come to Dr. Mitsoglou for treatment of this annoying and potentially dangerous eye condition. If you are interested in getting contact lenses you will need to be evaluated for dry eye. Sometimes, if a patient has dry eye it may not be a good idea for them to wear contacts until the problem is well under control. If a patients eyes are dry, they can be irritated by contact lenses. Constant irritation of the eye can cause serious damage to the outer portion of the eye. For this reason, it is also wise not to let dry eye go on undiagnosed or treated. Dry eye in itself is not a very serious condition — it can be easily treated and is very common in people over age 65. However, it is when the condition is left untreated that dangerous, and possibly permanent eye problems can occur.

Dry eyes in Plattsburg West may have certain characteristic symptoms. Eyes can be itchy or burning, and can be red and irritated after doing a lot of close work. Working on the computer or reading can be irritating for they eyes as well. Many people have dry eye problems and there are many different treatments available. Our eye doctor will need to determine exactly what is causing the dry eye problem; it usually is either a lack of a sufficient amount of tears, or poor quality of tears. Tears are needed to nourish the eyes and clear them of debris. Treatments for dry eye can include over-the-counter drops, or medicated drops that can work to improve the amount of tears. There is also minor surgery available to put tiny silicone plugs in the tear ducts so that tears will stay in the eyes longer. In more advanced cases, surgery can permanently close the drainage area for the tears. If you would like to be examined for dry eyes, simply make an appointment at North County Optical today.

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