Enjoy Clear, Crisp Vision With Contact Lenses!

Your eyes play an essential role in your enjoyment and quality of life. With advances in optical technology, contact lenses today are more versatile than ever before; offering an unparalleled level of comfort to address a wide range of vision needs.

Although our practice offers an extensive selection of fashionable eyeglasses to your lifestyle and your look, we can also fit you with contact lenses, which for many is an appealing alternative. Whether you wear contact lenses all of the time, part of the time or just put them in now and then, they improve your vision while allowing you freedom of movement in all types of activities. Furthermore, with contact lenses, you can enjoy your choice of many non-prescription sunglasses.

If you are interested in wearing contact lenses, our office will perform a comprehensive eye exam to assess your eye health and vision to not only establish your candidacy for this method of care but also whether you are best suited to soft lenses or rigid gas permeable ones. We evaluate and measure your eyes to select the appropriate lens type, determine the fit, as well as what amount of vision correction is needed. Once contact lenses are chosen, our optometrist will instruct you in how to handle, place, and care for them.

At present, over 35 million Americans utilize contact lenses. While most individuals who wear contact lenses do so for corrective purposes, some wear them for medical, therapeutic purposes. There are also those who choose to wear contacts for such cosmetic reasons as enhancing or changing eye color. Whatever the case may be, contact lenses are considered medical devices and therefore require a prescription from a qualified eye care professional.

Choosing the right type of contact lenses and then accurately fitting them is essential for a healthy and comfortable experience. At our office, we provide the skilled and reliable care required to help patients of all ages enjoy optimal eye health and clear vision.

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