Eye Care Center Milton VT

Dry Eyes and Colder Weather in Milton VT

Eye Care Center Milton VT

Eye Care Center Milton VT

If you suffer from dry eyes, you may notice that while it’s a concern all year long, it’s especially problematic during the winter months, when the cold weather, harsh winds, and dry heat indoors are all combining to rob your eyes of their vital moisture. At North Country Optical, we can help you to feel more comfortable and rid yourself of the negative effects of this frustrating condition.

When your eyes produce an insufficient amount of tears, or the tears are not of the necessary quality to keep your eyes lubricated, you may experience signs including red eyes, sensitivity to light, tired eyes, discomfort when you wear your contact lenses, and blurry vision. Exposure to smoke contributes to the difficulties. Our eye care center in Milton VT will do a thorough examination of your eyes, and may also test your tears for both quantity and quality. Neither is an invasive test. Quantity is determined by using blotting strips underneath your lower eyelids, and quality can be gauged using special dyed eye drops. The good news is that treatment with artificial tears is typically effective. You can buy them at your local drug store, without a prescription. Or our eye care center in Milton VT can provide a stronger version, if necessary. Surgery is an option that is rarely considered, but may be needed if your dry eyes become chronic and are not being helped by artificial tears. You should also consider making some lifestyle adjustments, such as adding a humidifier to your home to create more moist air indoors. Avoid smoke, your own and second hand. Stay out of air-conditioned environments, if possible. And be sure to wear eyeglasses or sunglasses when outdoors on windy days.

Our eye center in Milton VT is here to help you when you have concerns with your vision or your ocular well-being. Call us to set up an appointment to come in for an examination.

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