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Eye Doctor in Plattsburgh

Eye Doctor in Plattsburgh

Are you tired of your optical wear constantly getting in the way of your life? While contact lenses are often the perfect method of achieving frameless vision correction, for many of us this method of care is simply not an option that fits into our lives and allows us to achieve our goals and dreams. Your vision should never hold you back, and with the latest advances in vison care it never has to. Patients can achieve perfect vision naturally without the need for eyewear ever again. Your first step to clear vision begins with a LASIK consultation from your local eye doctor in Plattsburgh at the state of the art practice of North Country Optical.

LASIK vision correction was far more limited in the past than it is today. Patients who suffer from nearsightedness, farsightedness, and even astigmatism can achieve perfect vision through this state of the art form of optical surgery. However, a consultation is first required with your local eye doctor in Plattsburgh in order to insure this option is the right choice for you, as well as find the exact type of LASIK vision correction surgery is best for you. Eyes must be free and clear of all other optical diseases. Only patients over 18 are eligible for LASIK, and must not be pregnant nor have been nursing for at least three months prior to procedure. However, one such limitation to LASIK is no longer a problem. In the past, patients with too thin of an epithelial layer could not receive LASIK due to an insufficient amount of tissue for the necessary hinge flap incision. However, more advanced methods of LASIK now allow for patients with thinner epithelial layers to still receive this level of natural correction.

While surgery lasts only minutes, after care requires numerous follow up appointments in order to insure expedient healing for the best level of vision correction possible. Fortunately, you do not have to visit your optical surgeon more than once. Your local eye doctor in Plattsburgh offers LASIK management in tandem with your surgeon in order to provide the personalized attention you need in your local area, with the same staff you know and trust with your everyday optical needs. LASIK management makes aftercare easier and more convenient than ever before.

For the very best in optical in your area, be sure to book your appointments at your local eye doctor in Plattsburgh with North Country Optical. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff have been proudly serving your local community for over 20 years with the latest advancements in optical technology and procedure today to care for patients of all ages and levels of need. With LASIK management from North Country Optical, you can find the care you need to insure perfect vision.

Eye Doctor in Plattsburgh
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