Eye Infection in Plattsburgh

Diagnosing and treating eye infections in Plattsburgh

Eye Infection in Plattsburgh

Eye Infection in Plattsburgh

If you have an eye infection, it is very important that it is diagnosed and treated quickly to prevent any serious eye damage from occurring. Whenever you feel that you may have an infection in your eye, contact us for an appointment at North County Optical. Our optometrist, Dr. George Mitsoglou, can thoroughly examine your eyes to see if you have an eye infection in Plattsburgh, and provide subsequent treatments.

There are many symptoms for eye infection in Plattsburgh which may include: pain in the eye; a feeling that there is something in your eye but you are unable to remove it; increased sensitivity to light; a discharge from the eye; increasing redness of the eye or eyelid; blurred or decreased vision; or accompanying fever with no other cause. There are also serious eye infections which can affect the entire eye area, and which can be accompanied by a change in your vision. Sometimes you will get an eye infection when you get a small amount of chemicals in your eye. An infection can also occur after you have had minor eye surgery, or there is a scratch on the cornea. It is important to come into our office quickly for care because an eye infection can damage the eye quite quickly. If you wear contact lenses, you are more likely to get different types of eye infections. Bacteria can accumulate on the contact lenses if they are worn for too long and not cleaned correctly, or if your hands are not clean when you are placing the contact lenses in your eyes or removing them. Keratitis is perhaps the most common infection related to contact lens wear. This type of infection cannot be transmitted from person to person, unlike other types of eye infections which can be extremely contagious. Fungal keratitis is treated with topical and oral medications. Oftentimes eye infections are treated with medicated eye drops.

To meet with our eye doctor for diagnosis and treatment of eye infection in Plattsburgh, contact us today for an immediate appointment.

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