Lake Placid Eye Doctor

Medical eye exams in Lake Placid

Lake Placid eye doctor

Lake Placid eye doctor

At North Country Optical, our Lake Placid eye doctor performs medical eye exams and annual eye exams. Maintaining eye health is crucial to keeping eyes functioning properly, which is why our Lake Placid eye doctor recommends coming in for a yearly checkup. Our eye exams can detect any eye conditions or diseases that may have come on early, or detect any problems that may have arisen since your last exam.

We offer eye exams for prescription glasses and contact lenses as well as emergency eye exams for those who need immediate attention. If you find you have suffered an eye injury, call our Lake Placid eye doctor immediately. We carry a large selection of designer and affordable eyewear and our competitive prices make it easy to choose the frames you need. Our professional eyewear staff can also help you select the best eyewear, one that fits your unique style. Keeping your eyes healthy with a regular and comprehensive eye exam is also the best way to detect any eye changes or disease early. Disease prevention works best if eye diseases are caught early on because some have no symptoms or develop slowly.

During your eye exam with our Lake Placid eye doctor we’ll discuss your eye care, eye health history, and any future needs in order to ensure that your overall eye health stays on track. Performing either a slit lamp exam or a dilated eye exam is common during eye exams. This allows us to see inside the eye and find any irregularities or disease. If needed, we will perform a refraction for glasses and contact lenses as well as glaucoma pressure testing. Glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness in the United States. It causes abnormally high pressure in the eye, resulting in nerve damage and vision loss.

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