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Local Optometrist in Plattsburgh

Local Optometrist in Plattsburgh

Have you noticed that your eyes have become drier than they used to be? Do you find that your eyes are uncomfortable when you wear contact lenses? Are you constantly putting eye drops in your eyes to keep them moist? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” you may indeed have dry eyes syndrome. If you have this problem, you can be treated by our eye doctor to make your eyes much more comfortable. You will want to visit our local optometrist in Plattsburgh for complete dry eye diagnosis and treatment.

At North County Optical, Dr. George Mitsoglou is available to provide you and your family with comprehensive eye care exams, and treatment when necessary. Dr. Mitsoglou has been providing treatment to the community for over 22 years. Our local optometrist in Plattsburgh is very familiar with the diagnosis and treatment of dry eye, and will be able to accurately diagnose the cause of your specific dry eye problems. Dry eye syndrome is diagnosed through a comprehensive eye exam. There will be testing with emphasis on the evaluation of the quantity and quality of tears produced by your eyes. First, a patient history is needed to learn about any general health issues, medications you take, and any environmental factors you experience on a consistent basis. Next. Dr. Mitsoglou will examine your eyes, including the lid structure and blink dynamics. Then your eyelids and cornea will be evaluated using bright light and magnification. Finally, your tear quantity and quality will be examined, with the use of special dyes. After all these procedures, Dr. Mitsoglou will be able to determine if you indeed have dry eye.

Should you be diagnosed with dry eye syndrome, our local optometrist in Plattsburgh will be able to offer you treatment to fit your own individualized situation. Treatment may include: adding tears through the use of over-the-counter solutions; recommending a surgical procedure to permanently close tear ducts to keep tears in eyes longer; prescribing eye drops to help increase production of tears; and recommendation of omega-3 fatty acid nutritional supplements. Dr. Mitsoglou may also offer prescription eye drops or ointments to help treat eyelid or ocular surface inflammation. Dry eye is generally a very treatable condition, and there is no reason you need to be made uncomfortable by dry, irritated eyes. If you would like to visit our office for a dry eye analysis, contact us today to make an appointment to see Dr. Mitsoglou.

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