Malone Emergency Eye Care

Treating Common Eye Injuries in Malone

Malone Emergency Eye Care

Malone Emergency Eye Care

When you have sustained an eye injury, it may not always be easy for you to determine the severity of it. That’s why you should always take advantage of our Malone emergency eye care. Here at North County Optical, we’re dedicated to prompt care for urgent matters, and we will provide expert guidance and advice. In addition, if necessary, we make sure that you get the applicable treatment to address the situation.

You might get a bruise, or what is often called a “black eye” due to being struck in the eye or from force, either on purpose or as the result of an accident. Sometimes, you get the feeling that something is in your eye. Any foreign object, even if it’s seemingly minor, like a speck of dirt or your own eyelash, can be a serious hazard and may cause eye damage. For example, your cornea can become scratched. If anything remains in your eye for longer than a day, you should consult with our Malone emergency eye care. Corneal scratches may simulate the feeling of something still being in your eye, even if it has not anymore. Chemical contamination is of particular concerns. Often, this is a liquid, but solids and gases can also impact your eye health and require immediate attention. Acid or alkali, including bleach, battery acid, or oven cleaners fall under the same category. Again, a call to our office is in order. Our Malone emergency eye care may direct you to come in right away or, depending on the situation, call 911. Fortunately, many common eye injuries can be avoided by wearing safety glasses for dangerous work, and sports glasses for participation in any sport where eye damage is possible.

Keep our number programmed in your phones and don’t hesitate to use it when you suffer with an eye injury of any kind.

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