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Emergency eye care in Malone

Malone eye specialist

Malone eye specialist

An eye emergency is a serious situation in which the person’s eyesight is at risk. While it might not be possible to prevent all emergencies, it is important that you’re prepared and know what to do and how to get necessary emergency eye care if a situation should arise. It’s a good idea to belong to a practice that has a Malone eye specialist who offers emergency eye care services like North Country Optical.

We suggest that you contact your eye doctor’s office to learn the protocol to follow in case you have an eye emergency. You need to know what hours an emergency eye doctor is available and what steps you should take if one occurs. You also need to know what number to call in the event an emergency should arise. If you have an eye emergency, you should contact us immediately, so you can see our emergency Malone eye specialist as soon as possible. Since the eyes susceptible and are easily damaged, any urgent eye condition or injury can cause loss of vision. There are many situations that are considered eye emergencies and warrant immediate medical attention some of which include but isn’t limited to: cuts, scratches, objects in the eye, burns, exposure to chemicals, blunt injuries to the eye or eyelid and eye infections. Also, if you have symptoms like sudden loss of vision, floaters, pain or flashes of light, it’s critical to seek immediate medical attention. If you are experiencing symptoms and aren’t sure if it would be considered an eye emergency, be on the safe side and call us anyway so you can be evaluated by our eye doctor. You’ll be in excellent hands at North Country Optical. Dr. Mitsoglou provides our patients with comprehensive emergency eye care to ensure that all injuries and traumas related to the eye are handled thoroughly and efficiently to lessen the loss of vision.

To learn more about emergency eye care, you should consult with our Malone eye specialist. Contact our office to schedule your appointment today.

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