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LASIK in Malone

Malone Optometry Office

Malone Optometry Office

LASIK is a simple and inexpensive way to see clearly without the need for glasses or contact lenses. At North Country Optical we perform LASIK surgery at our Malone optometry office for patients who wish to have better vision without the need for corrective devices. LASIK can be easily done in office and can also correct issues like astigmatism. It is great for people who have uncomplicated prescriptions, and also for people who do not want to use eyeglasses any longer or only use them part of the time.

If you are cleared as a candidate for LASIK at our Malone optometry office, you’ll be scheduled for laser surgery. The procedure is a simple and takes about 15 minutes. Before the surgery, we administer eye drops to anesthetize the eye. During surgery, the LASIK laser is used to remove tissue from the cornea and reshape it to improve vision. LASIK at our Malone optometry office is painless. Afterwards, antibiotics are prescribed if needed. Most patients do not need glasses after, although a few may still need reading glasses or to use glasses for distance from time to time.

Our Malone optometry office also handles all aspects of optometry and eye care. Our comprehensive eye exams include a test for glaucoma and cataracts, and we also check vision for near and farsightedness. Ask about our treatment for eye injuries and dry eyes, and contact lens exams and fittings. If you are opting for LASIK surgery, please remember to schedule a ride home after your procedure. The procedure should take no longer than 15 minutes, and most patients gain clearer vision back by that same day, or the next. However, after any eye surgery, we ask that patients do not drive themselves home. LASIK only takes a few days to heal, upon which the patient can then go back to driving and seeing normally.

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