Optometrist in Milton VT

Eye infection treatment in Milton VT

Optometrist in Milton VT

Optometrist in Milton VT

If you are a contact wearer, you are particularly prone to getting eye infections. At North Country Optical, our optometrist in Milton VT, Dr. George Mitsoglou, will be able to diagnose your eye infection and provide you with appropriate treatment.

Children often pick up conjunctivitis, an extremely contagious eye infection, at their daycare or nursery school. If your child is experiencing symptoms of an eye infection, including red and watery eyes, you will want to bring your child in for immediate eye infection treatment. If you wear contact lenses, it is very important that you only touch your eyes or contact lenses when your hands are freshly washed. This will reduce your chances of getting a contact lens-related infection. However, if you do get an eye infection, it is important that it is treated early so that it does not go on to cause permanent vision damage. Using extended wear lenses, reduced tear exchange under the lens, and poor hygiene, can all contribute to the development of eye infections of contact lens wearers. Sometimes a contact lens will develop bacteria on it, so it is important that the contact lenses are always disinfected as indicated by our eye doctor. You will also want to change a contact lens case periodically to make sure that harmful bacteria is not growing there either. Keratitis is the most common contact lens -related eye infection. Some of the symptoms of keratitis include: blurred vision; redness of the eye; eye pain; excessive eye tearing; a sensitivity to light; and the feeling that you have something in your eye which cannot be removed. Keratitis can lead to vision loss or even blindness if left untreated. So, it is important that you come in immediately to see our optometrist in Milton VT whenever you are experiencing any of these eye symptoms. Keratitis will be treated in different ways, depending on whether it is bacterial or fungal.

For an appointment to see our optometrist in Milton VT so that he can assess your eye problem and provide appropriate treatment, contact us today.

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