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Plattsburg Dry Eye Management

Optometrist in Plattsburg

Optometrist in Plattsburg

If you’ve ever suffered with dry eyes, you know that it’s uncomfortable to deal with. At North County Optical, it’s our job to help with anything that is affecting the well-being of your eyes, from dangerous diseases that can threaten your eyesight to far less scary ones like dry eye syndrome, which while they don’t put you at any great risk, can have an impact, although temporary, on how well you can see. Our optometrist in Plattsburg can provide both treatment and recommendations for lifestyle changes as part of a comprehensive approach to dry eye management.

Dry eyes occur when your body is unable to keep your eyes properly lubricated. In other words, you don’t make enough tears. The causes can include irritation caused by smoke or by wind (very common during these blustery winter months) or by wearing contact lenses. How do you know when it’s time to call us and schedule an examination with our optometrist in Plattsburg? Well, there are various symptoms that may indicate the presence of dry eye syndrome. Among them are sensitivity to light, redness in your eyes, a burning or stinging feeling in your eyes, blurry vision, especially if you spend significant time working in front of a computer, and tired eyes.

In order to diagnose dry eye syndrome, our optometrist in Plattsburg will conduct tests that measure the volume of your tears as well as the quality of them. Other tests may also be done as needed and depending on the results of the others. Treating dry eyes is often just a simple matter of providing you with artificial tears. Depending on the severity of your dry eyes and your unique situation, you may be able to use an over the counter product or we will prescribe a stronger version for you. To reduce the impact of dry eyes, we recommend wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses on windy days to protect your eyes. Avoid cigaret smoke. And stay out of air-conditioned rooms whenever possible. It’s also a good idea to purchase a humidifier for your home to add more moisture to the air inside. In severe cases where artificial tears are not effective, surgery could be required, but this is not common. So don’t make things any harder on yourself than you have to. Call us today and let’s get started in making your eyes more comfortable again. 

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