Optometrist in Plattsburg

Dry Eye Management

When your body fails to produce the proper amount of tears to keep your eyes sufficiently lubricated, this leads to dry eye syndrome. Although this is not a typically dangerous condition, it can be bothersome and may have a temporary affect on your vision. At North Country Optical, we will diagnose and help you to manage your dry eyes. Our optometrist in Plattsburg, Dr. George Mitsoglou, will help you not only with direct treatment but with suggesting adjustments to your lifestyle that can make a big difference.

Optometrist in Plattsburg

Optometrist in Plattsburg

When you notice signs that are associated with dry eyes, you should call us up to schedule an examination. Symptoms of dry eye syndrome include a burning or stinging sensation in your eyes, sensitivity to light, eye redness, tired eyes, and blurred vision, particularly if you read frequently or spend a great deal of time in front of a computer monitor. What causes dry eye syndrome? There are various possibilities, such as discomfort from wearing contact lenses and irritation due to exposure to smoke or wind. As part of the diagnostic process, our optometrist in Plattsburg will perform tests including measuring the volume of your tears with the use of blotting strips of paper placed under your lower eyelids and applying specially dyed eyedrops to determine the quality of your tears. These and any other tests that may be helpful will form an evaluation of your situation and suggest the nature of your treatment recommendations.

Dry eye management is most frequently addressed by our optometrist in Plattsburg with the use of artificial tears. They can be purchased over the counter or, if your dry eye syndrome is severe or not being adequately controlled, a prescription strength version can be had. Changes you can make that may make a significant difference for your dry eyes are avoiding cigaret smoke, both yours as well as that of others, and protecting your eyes from wind by wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses. You should also not be in air-conditioned rooms if possible and adding a humidifier to your home will create more moisture in the air. This will likely alleviate your symptoms. The last resort treatment is surgery, recommended only when all other methods have failed to produce the needed results.

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