Plattsburg Affordable Eye Care

Plattsburg Affordable Eye Care

Are you looking for an excellent eye care practice that will provide top-notch, but well-priced, eye care? If so, you will want to visit us at our eye care practice and optical store, North Country Optical. Our optometrist, Dr. George Mitsoglou, will provide your entire family with Pl
Eye doctor in Plattsburgh

Eye doctor in Plattsburgh

Everyone should see an eye doctor once a year, at least. Anyone can develop an eye disease or a related condition, and the best way to catch these developments is to have comprehensive exams conducted regularly that can identify even the earliest symptoms. This is especially true for
Designer Eyewear in Malone

Designer Eyewear in Malone

Designer Eyewear in Malone Take a deep breath. The day is finally here. The day when you decide to not be a victim of faltering vision any longer. So what now? Well…kick-start efforts by reaching out to North Country Optical. Whether you’re a mean or a woman, our designer eyewear in M

Eye Exam in Malone

Importance of a Yearly Eye Examination in Malone If you it’s been a while since you’ve been to the eye doctor for an eye exam in Malone, you should schedule an appointment with an experienced eye doctor as soon as you can. Getting an annual eye examination at a quality eye care practi

Malone Eye Exam

Comprehensive Eye Examinations in Malone A comprehensive eye exam once per year might seem like more than you need, but the truth is that even if you think you’re seeing okay and that you have no symptoms to alarm you about eye disease, both of those situations can benefit from

Malone Emergency Eye Care

Treating Common Eye Injuries in Malone When you have sustained an eye injury, it may not always be easy for you to determine the severity of it. That’s why you should always take advantage of our Malone emergency eye care. Here at North County Optical, we’re dedicated to p

Malone Optometry Office

LASIK in Malone LASIK is a simple and inexpensive way to see clearly without the need for glasses or contact lenses. At North Country Optical we perform LASIK surgery at our Malone optometry office for patients who wish to have better vision without the need for corrective devices. LA

Eye Care Center Milton VT

Dry Eyes and Colder Weather in Milton VT If you suffer from dry eyes, you may notice that while it’s a concern all year long, it’s especially problematic during the winter months, when the cold weather, harsh winds, and dry heat indoors are all combining to rob your eyes o

Contact Lenses in Milton VT

Keratitis in Milton VT Your eyes never felt so bad before. And you’re not quite sure how much longer you can endure the throbbing, the headaches, the tear trails. As you walk by, folks are asking if you’re feeling ok and offer you a handkerchief. But you’re not sad—just in a lot of pa

Beekmantown Eye Exam

Eye Disease Testing in Beekmantown Are you interested in building relationship with a specialist who can help you enhance, maintain, and protect your eyesight? Look no further than North County Optical, where you can receive the Beekmantown eye exam you need to maintain optimum optica